Healthcare Workforce Logistics is a new alternative to workforce management. It offers true exchange an open ecosystem and real business intelligence.

True Exchange | Open Eco System | Business Intelligence

A new alternative to
workforce management

Healthcare Workforce Logistics provides healthcare benchmark data from both national and regional markets. This is a real holistic approach to talent management.

A Holistic Approach to Talent Management

Benchmark across local,
regional and national markets

Healthcare Workforce Logistics can help you solve complex challenges that arise from healthcare labor and human resources dynamics in the healthcare industry.

Next Generation Workforce Solutions

Solve complex healthcare
labor challenges

A new alternative to workforce management

True Exchange | Open Eco System | Business Intelligence


Through a combination of proprietary next-generation technology and
customizable managed services, HWL delivers a vendor-neutral Total
Talent Acquisition solution that lowers overall labor costs while reducing administrative burden.

Managed Services

Program Management Services designed to support healthcare delivery organizations in a vendor-neutral environment.

VMS Technology

Proprietary technology built on a modern, scalable, architecture leveraging the speed and communication inherent in the internet.

Direct Sourcing

Recruitment tools and real-time market analytics that accelerate the engagement process for both employers and job seekers within the healthcare market.

Next Generation Workforce Solutions

Cost Reduction

HWL helps healthcare organizations identify key areas for potential savings and reduction in contingent labor utilization.

Direct Sourcing Platform

Powerful proprietary data that enables true benchmarking across local, regional, and national markets in order to better position your organization in capturing qualified talent. Gain access to Real-time database of every job in healthcare nationwide.

Process Improvement

We are committed to continuous process improvement by building key alliances through a combination of best-in-class managed service programs (MSP) and advanced vendor management technology (VMS).

HWLMSP - The next generation in healthcare workforce solutions.
Managed Services
Program (MSP)

HWL delivers high performing custom managed service programs (MSP ) that result in higher fill rates, lower costs, improved vendor performance, and higher quality of staff.

Talent Management Technology

Our technology platforms include applicant tracking system (ATS) vendor management software (VMS) and Professional Exchange tools for a more efficient and cost effective way to engage talent in the marketplace.

Quality Workforce

Our supply chain management experts assist in sourcing the right mix of suppliers based on performance and quality metrics.

The next generation of technology for the healthcare industry built under the premise of providing a better process flow and unsurprassed effortless usability. HMLMSP is a platform easy-to-use, that allows for greater transparency in a centralized system.


Next generation technology built with an emphasis on process flow and easy usability for the healthcare industry. Easy-to-use, platform allows for greater transparency in a centralized system.

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With its instant visibility into job requisitions and shifts, HWL’s VMS technology has dramatically changed how we conduct business with hospitals. This VMS technology is breath of fresh air – the interface is innovative, intuitive and extremely easy to navigate. The speed and efficiency of both onboarding and allocating staff for published shifts has made it possible to focus our time on our core business of recruiting rather than spending countless hours on phone with the hospitals. Most importantly, we have seen the demand for our staff increase, which is attributed to the VMS’s ability to enable real-time collaboration with hospitals.

HWL VMS is an outstanding product that is seamless between the hospital and our staffing vendors. Through process transparency among staffers, managers and registry vendors we are annualized to save just under $1M reduction of premium labor expense. Most significant aspect is the reduction of waste time between profiles submitted, screened and acted on by managers, data feeding to HR/ Employee health to meet hiring requirements and start date.”

CNO- Major Bay Area Hospital

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Locum Tenens, Nursing, & Allied Health Professionals

HWL is offering healthcare delivery organizations a rapid response staffing program designed to meet the urgent staffing needs that may be driven by increased demand for healthcare professionals and shortages of core staff due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

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